Coqui Coqui Residences

This place was such a dream. I loved staying at Coqui Coqui (pronounced Coke-ee Coke-ee). Once we got there I realized I had been saying it wrong the whole time. It was located in the perfect spot and close to everything that we wanted to do. We rented bikes from Yoga Shala just down the street and literally just rode our bikes everywhere. We never even hired a taxi except for one day when we went to the Cenotes. The hotel was very simple and relaxed. There is no AC so we just slept with our windows open but it wasn't a huge problem. A small little unit wouldn't have been a bad idea though. The spa is super wonderful! It was such a fun experience. We did the three hour long package starting with a sugar scrub, then they lather you up with a mayan mask all over your body, and ending with an hour long massage and a soak in the bath. They will even let you wash off the mask in the ocean which would've been fun but I wasn't feeling like running out naked in front of lots of people into the ocean so we skipped that and just rinsed off in the tub. I am sure they have other great treatments if you are more interested in a shorter option but I would just ask. Make sure you check out the shop downstairs. It is so adorable! It is filled with all kinds of perfumes, candles, room sprays, as well as linen clothes and fun accessories! I would walk in there every day to look at things over and over again and Hunter and I would just go and spray ourselves with all the wonderful smelling perfumes so that we wouldn't have to use our own. haha! Even if you don't stay here while your in Tulum you should most definitely go sit on the beach and drink a bottle of wine or just pick up a bottle of their perfume! 

Casa Jaguar

We loved this place! I don't know how to explain this place except for it was just sexy. haha. The food was delicious and again I got like three different juices. For some reason each place that we would go to next just kept on getting cooler and cooler. This place was so great it was a double- nighter! Definitely grab dinner here if you get the chance! You won't regret it! 

Hemingway's restaurant

We checked out this cute little restaurant on the beach on our last day in Tulum. We ordered the biggest thing on the menu and boy was it big. It was sooo tasty though. If you go to Hemingway's then you gotta get this! Hunter and I eat a ton and we couldn't even eat all of this. Not to mention this sweet little creature that sat right next to my chair the whole time that I was eating and just stared at me waiting for some food. I may or may not have given him/her a a bit of my meal...and I don't even like cats but look at how cute it is! This place wasn't super luxurious or anything but it was quaint and our waiter was the sweetest! 

Mayan Ruins

These ruins were just a 30 minute bike ride from Coqui Coqui and they were super cool. I think they were only like 5 bucks a person to get in and there were iguanas and great views everywhere. I will warn you though that we were there during the slow season and it was PACKED! So if you are there during the busy season I would highly recommend going first thing in the morning and on a week day. I am definitely glad that we went to see them but if we ever go to Tulum again I will have to skip out on these guys. Lets just say that when it comes to large crowds of people, I'd rather not...also, I've never had so much back sweat in my entire life! But overall they are really pretty! haha

Yaan Wellness Spa

This heavenly place is located just across from Be Tulum and it looked magical. We didn't end up getting any treatments done here, (we went with the spa at Coqui Coqui instead), but this place looked amazing! They let you come an hour early and you get to soak in all their different pools before your spa treatment! They also have a super cute little store with lots of fun stuff for you! If we ever get to go to Tulum again I definitely want to go here! 


Gitano is so hip! We went here on our first night that we got to Tulum and we liked it so much that we had to go one more time before we left! For some reason the whole time that we were in Tulum I was just craving fresh juices and boy did they have some great ones! Try them all! I will worn you though that the mosquitos were awful at this place since it was on the jungle side. Not too worry though, the hostess gave us plenty of bug spray! We were there during the time of the year when the little devils were out so I don't think they are supposed to be that bad at other times...or at least I hope not! Hunter got the steak which is what they are known for and I got the tacos. They were both delicious! This place has a disco ball in it but don't let that detour you from going here. It was so cute! 

Be Tulum

This place was so much fun! We went there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while we were in Tulum and each time we were never disappointed. On Sunday afternoon they had a live band and the wind was blowing and we had a wonderful view of the beach. It was awesome. I would love to get to stay here if we ever go back again. I have only heard great things from people who have stayed at the hotel. You get to take your shoes off at the front before you go sit down at your table in the sand. It is just a great place! 

Posada Margherita

Here I go again saving the best for last. Oh Posada Margherita. I just cannot get over how stinkin cute this place was. Everywhere I looked I was in awe. The food is incredible, the drinks are amazing, the gelato...uh I just cant get over it. Go here as much as you possibly can. It is also a hotel as well. I mean it doesn't get any better than this! It is right on the beach and everyone there was so friendly! There is also a cute little candle shop out front as well as a boutique right by the restaurant with cute jewelry, swimsuits, and clothes. If I haven't convinced you yet then please do yourself a favor and go here! It is cash only (like most places in Tulum) so just be aware of that!