Sunday Supply Co

The idea of Sunday Supply Co started in the winter of 2014, when owner Amanda Hersh found herself at an intersection in life that begged the question, "what's next?". With a long-time dream of owning a store and a vision for a lifestyle shop that was yet to be found in Fort Collins, Sunday Supply came to life. 

I've always been a fan of finding clothing that looked fine at the cheapest price possible. But year after year I would find myself irritated because those clothes would quickly be unwearable. " We still very much live in a world of fast fashion and bargain prices, and while the price point may be higher, there is a true quality in the goods you will find at Sunday Supply that you just aren't able to find anywhere else." says Amanda Hersh. A year or so ago, I had an epiphany; why don't I just buy clothes that may cost a little more but that last me so much longer? At the end of day, it all seemed to even out in the end. When it comes to Sunday Supply, quality and uniqueness come first.

Amanda's favorite thing about owning a business is creating a safe space for women to walk through the doors and feel welcomed and known and beautiful in the pieces they pick out. Being a consumer, I love when I go into a store and feel welcomed and completely comfortable. When I walked into the store, which has some serious curb appeal may I add, Amanda made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I probably outwore my welcome... I wanted to stay for so long :)

There are just those certain pieces that you have in your closet that you feel completely confident in. These three pieces from this gem in Fort Collins make me feel feminine and confident. 

Said like a true and great business owner..."Sunday Supply is about the people that walk through the doors more than the goods that go out of them. We value the opportunity to help each customer find exactly what they're looking for and to build lasting friendships in the process." I will say that I have experienced this first hand and attest that Amanda has been so amazing to work with . I feel truly valued by her not only as a customer but also as a friend. Do yourself a huge favor and go check out this wonderful place!

The amazing and wonderful Cait Ahlenius took the photos below. You should definitely check out her site...especially if you are planning to get married soon. :)