Amalfi Coast Part II: Where to stay!

I'm literally sitting here contemplating if I should post this place because it is such a gem that I kinda want to be the only one who knows about it but after much contemplation I figured I should share this huge slice of heaven. This place is a total dream. It's actually insane how amazing this place is. I can't even explain it. I'm sitting here getting giddy at just the thought of this place. haha. You would never know that this place was there by just driving through the Amalfi Coast. Its down hundreds of steps and while we were walking down all the steps I was thinking oh boy, I sure hope this is worth it. Let me just tell you....I would run up and down those stairs a thousand times just to get to stay here again. Uhhhhh! Its just the best. The food is incredible, the staff is so so sweet, and the views are stupid.