Roolee Boutique

This boutique is based out of Logan, Utah and they have the cutest stuff! I am literally wearing the pants right now as I write this and I can't seem to take off the salt water sandals either. These pants are so versatile. I've worn them on an airplane, the beach, out to eat at a nice restaurant, and even to bed. :) You know that item in your closet that you can put on and no matter where you go someone comments on it? Well, these babies are those for me. Literally in like one day I got 5 compliments which isn't real common for me. I usually wear the same shirt just in different colors every day with the same pair of jeans so I am all about being comfortable and not trying that hard. Haha. These pants are cozy and cute so its a double win!

Same thing goes for the sandals. I wear them everywhere and they are so so comfortable! I would sleep in these guys. They form to your foot once they get wet and they are water proof! What cute leather sandals are waterproof? I don't know of any! But these guys came to my rescue! They would get all sandy and then I would just rinse the crap out of them and they would keep doing their thing! Now I just gotta get them in every color!