Kaffihus Vesturbaejar

This was one of our favorite places to go to on a regular basis for coffee and a great lunch or dinner. They have a great swiss mocha and the environment there is super cute and cozy. They have the absolute best cauliflower soup with bread for lunch! They have great brunch on the weekends as well. We call it Cafe Vest for short. It's located right across from the pool that we would go to regularly. Iceland has a huge pool scene. We would go at a completely random time and there would always be people there. Its only about $3.00 per entry or you can get a pass that let's you go ten times that way you can just scan your card when you get there. There are multiple pools around the city so you can just find one that is closest to you. They aren't anything fancy but we really enjoyed going as much as we could. It was the craziest thing how it would be pelting snow outside and people would just be chilling in all of the hot tubs outside like it was no big deal. Make sure you don't wear your shoes past the locker room door, they don't like that so much. Also you have to shower naked beforehand so if that makes you feel uncomfortable then just take a deep breath and do it. You will be the one that sticks out if you go to the showers with your clothes on. It took me a little while to get use to this too.