Favorite Places Not Pictured

Our favorite cafe's to go read/ work/ grab a coffee and pastry at are...

  • Reykjavik Roasters- It's a bit small but they are about to open up a second location so that's good. It's also close to the famous church in the downtown area.
  • Stofan- A cute house with coffee upstairs and a bar downtowns.
  • Sandholt- This place has great pastries and is on the Main Street downtown. It makes you feel like you are in France.
  • Bergsson Mathus- This place has a great breakfast and lunch menu. Their food is really fresh and healthy. We would go here all the time to get work done and it was nice because we wouldn't have to leave when we got hungry. They have super tasty desserts too! 


Lunch/Dinner spots

  • Kex Hostel- They have a great view and awesome food. You should try to stay here if you get a chance. It's not your typical hostel, you could also go there for just a coffee if you wanted.
  • Taco Barrin- A guy from California just opened it up. It has good tacos and margaritas and a fun atmosphere.
  • Snaps- A great spot for a nice lunch or dinner. We went here for Valentine's Day and it was wonderful. Try making a reservation because they tend to get pretty busy. 
  • Hverisgata 12- This is a great pizza place right next to Taco Barrin. It isn't labeled but it is located right above the restaurant called Dill. Just find Dill and then go upstairs. Hveristgata 12 is just the address. They have great pizza and cocktails. The same people that own this place also own Dill, Kex Hostel, Mikkeller & Friends, and Kaffihus Vesturbaejar. They really know what's up.  
  • Mikkeller & Friends- Bar above the pizza place. It's connected. Pretty small but has good beer!
  • Dill-This place is pretty pricey but they are the lead in the Nordic food culture here in Iceland. We didn't end up getting to go eat here but we were told that what you spend is totally worth it! 
  • Matur og Drykker (Such a strange name I know, it means food and drink in Icelandic)- This place is right across from the ice cream place listed above and is great for lunch and dinner! It has a great atmosphere! Super cute and the bread is the best we had in all of Iceland! It is connected to the Saga museum.
  • Austur India- I know it sounds funny that there is an Indian food restaurant in the middle of the city but we really loved being able to go get food with all those great spices on them. There are a ton of great food options in the city but we liked going here because we felt like we had just stepped into a different culture.The waiters were so friendly and the food was delicious! 



  • Farmers and Friends- It is down the street from CooCoo's Nest and has great clothes. This place is also known as Farmer's Market Iceland which you may have heard of. 
  • Geysir- This clothing store is near the main church and is a bit pricey but has super cute clothes, shoes, candles etc.  
  • Aurum- This store is on the main road walking up to the church and has fun things for the home. They are connected to a jewelry store that has really unique stuff. They also carry a lot of great perfumes! They carry our friend Anthony's handmade products as well. His company is called Reykjavik Trading Company and they do some really great stuff! 
  • My Concept Store- This store is really neat inside. Its all black and has great coffee table books, candles, jewelry, and clothes. It always smells great inside!