Amalfi Coast part I: Positano!

I know I am so behind on getting these posts up but Hunter and I are in the middle of a move and things have been a bit crazy! We are finally settling in to our new home in Austin, Tx and I am trying my hardest to get back on track. I hope all of you had a wonderful July 4th! 

Back in May Hunter and I, along with Hunter's side of the family got to go to the Amalfi Coast. Oh boy there are just not words to tell you about how wonderful it was. I'm sure you have seen pictures and it's just like the pictures...only better! I'll keep this post short because I am doing it in four parts.

We stayed in one location the whole time(more on that next) and just drove around to the different towns. Positano was about a 15 min drive from our hotel and such an amazing spot. We went by boat from our hotel and the views were just on point. We walked around for a bit and bought my black and white hat that I have posted probably too many times. The three of us girls stuck out like a sore thumb because we all wore heels. ha And I think we were the only ones that did that. But heck, when in Italia right?

We enjoyed drinks at Le Sirenuse (which is super swanky but so beautiful to go see and enjoy a drink and some snacks on the terrace) and had dinner at Max's. There weren't a whole lot of tourists there which we loved, and it's like your in an art gallery. We had heard to go to Chez Black for dinner, which I'm sure is amazing because anything that you see that is edible on the Amalfi Coast is probably going to be delicious, but it just looked super touristy and was right where you get off the boat so theres a lot more people. 

Okay up next.....the place we stayed at which I swear was sent down from Heaven above. :)