Pons Avarca's

So I haven't posted in forever...literally it's been months...so sorry about that. With the move back to Austin, and settling in here and finding a job and getting involved with church and making new friends it has just been a whirlwind.Like I've never felt this busy in my life and I can't seem to figure out why. Heres to trying to be back on top of things again!

So I'lll start by sharing with yall some of my favorite sandals ever!!! Pons are some of my favorite sandals ever! And even though Summer is coming to an end and Fall is starting to happen (Kinda sorta in Texas..still holding out for it to not be 80 degrees in the day) :/ These shoes have seen many places and will continue too because I will have them in my closet for as long as they hold up. Side note: I think I literally wore them almost every day on our Europe trip!