Plus Skin Care

I had the honor of working with Plus Skin Care after finding out about them through an event my husband went to. It was when I had just started my blog and Hunter came home with a little goody bag that had some of their products in it. I immediately went to their website and was really inspired by their story. It is owned by a mother and son who are passionate about using real ingredients that are not toxic or harmful for your skin. Ann (the mom) was diagnosed with breast cancer two different times and realized through research that common chemicals found in many body care products can contribute to cancer and are actually found in breast tissue samples. 

When I was sitting down with one of the owners Nic, he said that you could literally eat the products and they wont hurt you. He said they might not taste very good but they won't contribute to you getting a disease like a lot of other products can. Their products are totally free of all toxins including parabens and phthalates, and chocked full of bio-active extracts and oils. 

Plus has two different lines, the Classic and the Black. This post is solely based on the Black line which is just like the Classic only upgraded and boosted with ingredients that are harder to find and source. 

I love using all of these products everyday and this sounds weird but I literally look forward to using each product. It's so great knowing that I am not putting any harmful garbage on my face but instead am putting stuff on my skin that is great for it! Pictured below is the Plus Black line. Their packaging is so beautiful and everything smells wonderful and fresh!  Below I will talk about each product more in depth to give you a better idea of how great each product truly is. 

Plus Hand Hydrate/Black: This hand lotion is the same as the Classic formula but with the addition of UV-protective black raspberry seed oil, anti-inflammatory and healing curcuminoids and the deeply moisturizing calendula. I put this stuff on my hands every morning and night before I go to bed and it comes in a big bottle so it will last me a super long time! 

Plus face Cleanse/Black: This product is new to the Plus line, and is a super-gentle yet powerful face cleanser—formulated with cucumber peel—designed to give you a softer, younger complexion. It lathers really well and the cucumber smell makes my skin feel so fresh and clean! I use it twice a day! 

Plus Body Hydrate/Black: This body lotion is the same as Plus's Classic formula just with extra bio-actives. I use this product every day when I get out of the shower and right before I go to bed. I put it all over my arms and legs and then enjoy smelling wonderful! 

Plus Face Hydrate/Black: Plus made their bestselling Classic Face Hydrate even better just by adding more nutrient-packed ingredients like olive squalene. I love this stuff! I use it in the morning before I put my makeup on and then at night after I wash my face before bed. It smells fabulous! Something to note about this product is that the emu oil and the added bio-actives are super-powerful - and since they can be absorbed instantly, it’s important not to put too much on. This is such a positive because since you don't have to use so much, it lasts you longer than your typical target bought moisturizer that you use so much of and then end up just having to go buy more and more. 

Plus Lip Hydrate/Black: I am so addicted to chapstick in general and am literally putting it on multiple times a day. This Black lip hydrate takes it up a notch from their classic lip hydrate and has a great minty smell. 


To learn even more about each product and all the wonderful ingredients in each one and what those ingredients do, go check out their website