Oh Osea!

I have been searching for a great skin care line for quite some time now. I cringe whenever I look at the ingredients on the back of most packaging and there is a million ingredients that I have no idea how to pronounce. It literally freaks me out knowing that I am putting all of that stuff on my face. So, having said that Osea is a company out of Malibu focussed on creating organic, vegan, and gluten free products. It stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. They believe that safe cosmetics are our right and I couldn't agree more. I have only been using the products for a few weeks now but I've gotta say that each one of them smells so good and I love knowing that I am putting something on my face that is actually good for it, not harmful like most of the other stuff out there.

Here is my daily routine that I try my hardest to stay consistent with! It sounds like a lot but its super easy and quick. Don't let all the steps detour your away! 

~ I wash once a day with either the Ocean Cleansing Milk or the Ocean Cleanser. I leave the cleansing milk in the shower that way every time I shower I use that one and the other one is by the sink so I switch them up. 

~ After I wash I put the Brightening Serum under my eyes and on my cheeks. 

~ The Atmosphere Protection Cream is a great third step or I'll put it on first thing in the morning when I get up before I put my make up on. 

~ Last thing I do at night or in the morning is spritz on the Sea Vitamin Boost. I love this stuff! Ill spray it on my face in the morning and then throughout the day if its feeling dry or that it just needs a little boost. 

~ The White Algae Mask is more of a once a week type deal. I usually just wash my face and then put the mask on, and then once I wash it off then I put the Brightening Serum, APC, and then the Sea Vitamin Boost.