NOLA, Louisiana

Alright Nola, I've gotta hand it to you. You were a pretty great city. The whole city has such wonderful food, culture, and not to mention music. This was my first time visiting the city and we went with my in laws a few months back. Aspen joined us for the ride and we had a great time! Aspen had a few "celebrity sightings", which was pretty amazing and hilarious all at the same time. I can't wait to go back! 

So sad story, whenever we go on a trip I always right down day by day where we went and what all we saw so that I can look back at it afterwards, well this morning I lost all of my notes in my phone and with the horrible memory that I have, all the places we went too are all jumbled in my head so I can't do the guide day by day like I did with the London one. Huge bummer I know. Ha but, what cannya do? So this one will be a little scattered but I'll still give you the fun places to go, not too worry! 



We stayed at the sweetest couples home in the perfect location. They have a few different set ups, a downstairs apartment and a shotgun house next door. They are both decorated so lovely! The family lives upstairs and are so helpful and wonderful! Heres the link to the first house which is a shotgun style and just so lovely! And heres the link to the second one! 





Cafe Du Monde: Nough Said. You just have too.

District: For coffee and donuts.

 Cavan: Great happy hour and the interior is spot on...they have pink velvit booths, whats not too love? I wanted to go here for dinner but we just ran out of time.

Bacchanal: This is such a cool spot(Hunters favorite). You walk in and pick out your own wine and cheeses, then you go find a table outside and listen to music for hours. They bring you a platter with all the yummy stuff that you picked out when you first walked in. You can order food there as well so its a great dinner spot. This is a spot you don't want to miss out on!

Cafe Amelie: This is a Nola classic and such a fun spot. We went here for brunch and sat outside on the patio. The weather was absolutely perfect and I didn't want to ever leave. 

Three Muses: This place was on a crazy busy street and I thought the music was going to be so loud but then when we walked in it was as if we had transported back in time. I felt like I was in the movie Midnight In Paris(A favorite that we actually just watched last night haha). Make reservations here and sit and eat your dinner while enjoying the ambience!

Elisabeth's: A down right good cookin spot. Their bloody marys looked amazing(although I'm not a huge fan of savory drinks in the morning), Their breakfast was super yummy and the liveliness of the place made it a great spot to try out! 

Satsuma: This was the last little breakfast spot that we went to on the morning that we left. It was tucked into a neighborhood(The one of Dauphine Street) and was super quaint and cute. After eating so much heavy food, it was nice to have something light and healthy on our last day there. haha