Humble Hilo

I LOVE this bag! It is so so great. It is perfect for any occasion. I used it at the beach for all my essentials as well as when I am just going to the coffee shop for the day to work on things here in Denver. Humble Hilo is a company devoted to change through creating jobs for people over in Guatamala. They are making a difference in peoples' lives by giving a portion of what they make from each product directly to people who need it. What I love about this company is that you get to choose to support projects in child nutrition, education and literacy for women, and microfinance loans for women to start their own small business to help break the cycle of poverty. I really believe in this company and what they are doing. Not only do they sell these super cute bags but they also have adorable products for your kiddos, shoes, and home decor. Well done Humble Hilo.