Florida Family Vacation!

In celebration of my dads birthday and retirement the whole fam packed up and flew to Florida! We all started at my parents house and a big van came and picked us up and we all packed in! Coffee was of most importance and so we stopped at our favorite little local coffees shop on the way in my home town! Now that my four siblings and I are all married there was twelve of us total! We stayed in the West Palm Beach area and from there drove around the surrounding areas and went to Miami. We had great sunny weather and everyday we just relaxed and sat out on the beach. I'm so thankful for this time that we all got to get together and just hang out, play cards, search for little baby turtles hatching, smoke a little spontaneous hookah, and make meals together. Looking forward to the next time that we all get to be together again! 

Panther Coffee

When we went in to Miami we drove straight to the Wynwood area. We just stayed here all day and shopped around, had coffee, lunch, ice cream, and went to the Wynwood Walls. Its a super cool area of town where you can just park and walk everywhere! Panther Coffee was our first stop and it was super great. The coffee was delicious and the people were welcoming! 

Wynwood Walls

On our last day in Florida Hunter and I and my Sister and her husband Cory went to Wynwood Walls. It was such a cool place where multiple artists had painted on the walls. Definitely go check out this place. It doesn't cost anything to get in and it is right down the street from Panther coffee so we just walked! 


I was so excited whenever we walked out of the Wynwood Walls and I saw Aesop! I have always wanted to go into one of their stores but never knew where they were. I Love all of their products. Everything smells so good!