Marrakech, Morocco

Where are the words to describe how amazing and full of culture this place is? This was my second trip to Morocco(the first time we went to Tangier and Assilah). I loved it the first time we went but experienced some culture shock just coming from Iceland, so you can imagine how different the two are. This time though it was a total dream. I couldn't believe all of the beauty and richness of culture that was around us. Everyone was so nice and the city was so much more chill than I expected. I had this vision in my head of it being this crazy busy city with people everywhere, but it felt pretty calm to me overall.  It is a city full of incredible textiles and goods as well as doors that will lead you into the biggest selection of rugs that you've ever seen. It was so easy to just pass certain restaurants or stores up because the doors were so little and easy to miss. I think about the people and what we got to experience while we were there often. Marrakech is a place that I hope to go back too year after year. 

Side note: It's so easy for us as Americans to get stuck in our little bubbles and be prone to just wanting to stay where we are comfortable. I think every human being needs to at least put themselves in a place that feels unfamiliar and where they might do things a little bit differently than you're used too. In the end, we are all just a bunch of people with probably more in common than we realize.