Marrakech, Morocco

Where are the words to describe how amazing and full of culture this place is? This was my second trip to Morocco(the first time we went to Tangier and Assilah). I loved it the first time we went but experienced some culture shock just coming from Iceland, so you can imagine how different the two are. This time though it was a total dream. I couldn't believe all of the beauty and richness of culture that was around us. Everyone was so nice and the city was so much more chill than I expected. I had this vision in my head of it being this crazy busy city with people everywhere, but it felt pretty calm to me overall.  It is a city full of incredible textiles and goods as well as doors that will lead you into the biggest selection of rugs that you've ever seen. It was so easy to just pass certain restaurants or stores up because the doors were so little and easy to miss. I think about the people and what we got to experience while we were there often. Marrakech is a place that I hope to go back too year after year. 

Side note: It's so easy for us as Americans to get stuck in our little bubbles and be prone to just wanting to stay where we are comfortable. I think every human being needs to at least put themselves in a place that feels unfamiliar and where they might do things a little bit differently than you're used too. In the end, we are all just a bunch of people with probably more in common than we realize.  


Walking around town was one of our favorite things to do. Just be okay with getting lost and you will be fine. Eventually you will find your way back. :) We used an app called City Maps 2 Go, where you can save maps on your phone for when you don't have wifi. This was so helpful for when we were trying to get somewhere and had no idea how! Marrakech is a place where you can walk around with no agenda and end up coming home with a whole house full of goods! ha It's a beautiful thing! 



This place was stupid...ha In the best way possible. It is placed up in the Atlas Mountains about an hour drive from the Marrakech airport. We flew in from Barcelona and hired a cab (organized by the hotel which I highly recommend because most cab drivers don't know how to get to the Kasbah and aren;t willing to take you there, so its worth organizing this with the hotel before you get there) and he drove us right up to the hotel. Who knew that Morocco has such beautiful mountains with snow on them? Hunter and I just stayed at the Kasbah the whole time and ate delicious food (they have breakfast, lunch, and dinner), chilled by the pool, and took advantage of the Hammam (which is a steam room, similar to a Turkish bath, where Moroccans habitually go each week to cleanse themselves). Hunter and I really didn't want to leave this place!


Riad Mena was the absolute perfect place to stay while we were in Marrakech. The staff were so wonderful...we actually became friends with them and got to hang out in the city, and the food was some of the best we had in all of Marrakech. We walked everywhere from the Riad but sometimes we would just spend the morning relaxing and taking it slow. I cant say enough good things about this place. Between the pool, the orange trees, and our last night sitting on the rooftop enjoying a quite meal...this place is high up on my list of places I must go back to.  


If your looking for a little cheaper option, Le Riad Berbere is the perfect place. It is so calming and peaceful here and is still in a great location. They have the cutest hats for you to wear during your stay to help you from getting sunburned and their patio is the perfect place to spend your nights relaxing. Make sure you let them know if you want dinner the night you get in because they shop that day and need to make sure they have enough food for everyone. We were welcomes with moroccan mint tea and their breakfast was lovely! Another wonderful spot to stay in Marrakech! 


We didn't have enough time to get to stay at Dar Darma but we got the chance to share a meal there and see the grounds. It's a beautiful moody space with so much to see. The staff was so sweet and if your looking for a swanky spot to lay your heard during your stay in Marrakech, this might just be your place. 



This was a place that we just couldn't stop coming back to. It is definitely touristy but we didn't clearly mind...truth is, it was pretty obvious that we were so why try to pretend? haha The food was super yummy and the view of the market was awesome. They even have a cute little shop at the front of the restaurant with adorable little soaps and ceramics. They are more like american prices so we didn't get anything there but it was super fun just to look. 


Oh me oh my, La Famille was such a dream. I wanted to just hang out at this little gem for hours upon hours. The food was so fresh and yummy and everything was just out right adorable. It kins of felt like we could of been in France! The first time we went here we just passed it right I've said before, its real easy in Marrakech to completely miss the place you are looking for as there are so many fabulous distractions! La Famille also has an adorable little shop attached to it that you should definitely check out! 


I obviously didn't get many pictures here but it felt like you were in a jungle. The atmosphere was super fun! The food wasn't quite as good as the other place sin my opinion but we still went here twice!