London, England

London, England, You have stolen my heart forever. Hunter and I went to London a few weeks back for a late birthday gift for Hunter/we came across some tickets for a good deal and couldn't say no. Think being in The Holiday accept its real life and everywhere you go there were fires in pubs and Christmas decorations everywhere. It was a dream. We busted our you know whats every day trying to see it all. Hunter's phone told us that we walked 40 miles in like three days. Crazy!!!

I'm doing this city guide a little bit differently this time and will show you what we did day by day instead of place by place. I like switching things up a bit...Bare with me as this could get pretty wordy.



Arrival and breakfast at Hoxton, Shoreditch: Avo toast and an americano

Walked around Shoreditch: Le Labo, Labour and Wait

Ace Hotel 

Oxford Street

Wild at Heart: Cutest little flower shop with lots of fun stuff to look at.

Monocle: We went to both the store and the cafe. They are super close to each other.

Walked around Maryleborne: We loved this area of town so much! It was fun to just walk around and explore.

Monocle Cafe

Candenheads Whiskey Shop: The guys that work here are so nice and friendly. We picked up a few bottles of whiskey from Englands only single malt distillery. Shocking, I know! 

The Barley Mow Pub for Guinness 

Walked to Hyde Park (Winter Wonderland)

Walked back to Portland for Dinner: Yummy spot for sure but if I'm being honest I might not go back. It just felt like we were in the states at a trendy restaurant. Not a bad thing, just not what I expected. 


Train to Camden Town 

Walked through Camden Market

Brunch in the Market 

Train to Nottinghill Gate

Nottinghill Market

Lunch at Tin Shed: A MUST! 

Pub hopped looking for futbol match (Hilgate and Prince Albert)

Train to Westminster 

Walked Big Ben and Westminster Abbey 

Smoked a Pipe in front of the Churchill Statue

Somerset House for Skate and Christmas: Their Christmas market and ice skating rink is to die for! 

Gordon's Wine Bar: A must!

Train to Rotherhithe

Mayflower Pub (sat with 3 British locals) 

Tower of London 

Ye ol Cheshire Cheese (Churchills favorite bar from 1600's)

Buckingham Palace: Tried to see the guards but turns out they aren't out at midnight. haha 


Breakfast at East London Juice Bar: The yummiest waffle cups I ever did eat.

Columbia Flower Market: A MUST MUST MUST! 

Labour and Wait 

Le Labo


Brick Lane Market

Train to Hampstead 

Melrose & Morgan 

Ginger and White 

Walked to Hampstead Heath and Hiked: Such a beautiful park!  

Kenwood House 

Spaniards Inn for Sunday Roast

Taxi to Highgate 

Watched Arsenal game at Dukes Head

The Flask 

Tried to eat at Chiltern Firehouse 

Dinner at Ivy Market Grill in Covent Gardens


Coffee at Hoxton 

Train to Oxford via Marylebone Station 

Hired a car at Avis 

Drove to Burford 

Stoves shop off Main Street 

Schotten Antiques 

Lamb Inn for Lunch (Michelin Star)

Drove to Bibury

Walked the Arlington Row 

Hiked through sheep farms

Drove to Lower Slaughter 

Drove to Upper Slaughter 

Drove back to Lower Slaughter 

Shopped at The Old Mill 

Walked road that was ranked most romantic walk in UK :) Sexy sexy! haha

Drove to The Wild Rabbit in Kingam sat next to Maxine and David, got 4 B52 shots sent our way from guys at the bar (Michelin Star)..THIS PLACE IS TO DIE FOR!  

Drove to Oxford 

Pints at the Eagle and Child (Lewis and Inklings) 


Cotswolds(Dreamy region in England with old homes and shops in the country side)

Wild Rabbit for dinner(Kingham), you can also stay here which I would defintately recomend. 

Spaniards Inn for Sunday roast(Hampstead)

Lamb Inn for lunch(Burford)

Somerset House(London)

Gordon's Wine Bar(London)

Columbia Flower Market(London on Sundays)

Hampstead Heath(park in the middle of the city great for a nice walk)