Circle 21 Candles

 Sitting here now, I am currently burning their Moroccan Tile scent and it takes me back to the streets of Tangier smelling all the different spices and remembering what it was like to just be in a different culture and soak it all up!  That is what Circle 21 Candles is all about. Creating scents from distant places to take you back to those incredible moments. 

I first heard about Circle 21 Candles when I was doing an event at Madewell. I saw one of their candles there and was convinced that I just had to have it. If you haven't learned by now...I am such a huge sucker for good smelling candles. I am now on my second candle of theirs. :) Uhhh they smell so good! I can't stand it! They have my heart when it comes to where they are from (Texas) and they mix the finest grade premium soy wax available with high end fragrance oils creating a natural and high quality product. They have 11 different fresh fragrances available and I suggest you get yourself one of each!