Charleston, South Carolina

My mom and I took a girls trip to Charleston last week and boy oh boy did we have a great time. Basically the whole time all we did was walk and eat....for 6 days. ha Gah lee the food there is so good! I am craving some Mac and Cheese from Cru,  ginger molasses cookie from Sugar, and a salted brownie from Bakehouse right now as I am writing this. haha. It is probably a good thing that we are back or else I would have doubled in size. 

My older sister use to live in Charleston a few years back and so we already had some places that were our favorites that we knew we just had to go back to. We also branched out a little bit and went to some new places as well! 

We were planning on going to a Plantation and seeing some other sights while we were there but we just ran out of time and there were so many places we wanted to eat so we decided that eating was more important this trip. :) 

Below you will find my favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bars, stores, where we stayed, and all the beautiful homes in the city!