Charleston, South Carolina

My mom and I took a girls trip to Charleston last week and boy oh boy did we have a great time. Basically the whole time all we did was walk and eat....for 6 days. ha Gah lee the food there is so good! I am craving some Mac and Cheese from Cru,  ginger molasses cookie from Sugar, and a salted brownie from Bakehouse right now as I am writing this. haha. It is probably a good thing that we are back or else I would have doubled in size. 

My older sister use to live in Charleston a few years back and so we already had some places that were our favorites that we knew we just had to go back to. We also branched out a little bit and went to some new places as well! 

We were planning on going to a Plantation and seeing some other sights while we were there but we just ran out of time and there were so many places we wanted to eat so we decided that eating was more important this trip. :) 

Below you will find my favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bars, stores, where we stayed, and all the beautiful homes in the city! 


Charleston, Oh Charleston! This place has some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. I tried to go for a run one day and it ended up taking me twice the time because I just kept stopping to take pictures. I guess it's a good problem to have though. There is so much history to this town and its so fun to see the dates on the little plaques on each house. Some of them dated back to the 1600's! So crazy! 



Cannon Green was our very first meal once we got to Charleston! Its absolutely beautiful inside and doubles as a wedding venue as well! It was delicious and our server there was one of the best servers I have very had in my whole life! We had a blast!


Next up is Cru! Best Mac and Cheese EVER! It comes as a side and so we got one order of that, some mussels(which I don't even like mussels but these were fabulous!), a salad, and wine! 


This place is a Charleston classic. You just have to make sure that you go here for breakfast when you are in town. The shrimp with cheese grits is stupid good! This time I just got the simple breakfast biscuit and it was super yummy! You can't go wrong with anything here. 


Fig which stands for Food Is Good is one of my whole families favorite places to eat. The sticky sourgum cake is a go to every single time. IT'SS SOOO DAMNN GOOODD!!!! 


Taco Boy is always a place that we have to go too as well. They have two locations and we usually go to the one by the beach but this time we just went to the one in town. It was a sunny day and we just sat outside and enjoyed some tacos and margaritas! 


One night we did a progressive dinner and went to three different places! We were running out of time and felt like we needed to cram in order to see them all! ha First stop was Basil Thai for their delicious tom kha gai chicken coconut soup and a mango martini. It's the best drink I think I have ever had. I typically am not a fan of martinis but this one just goes down the throat so easy. It's dangerous thats for sure. I could of drank a bunch of them! haha. Our next stop was The Ordinary which is FIG's sister restaurant that hasn't been open too long. We just got a glass of wine there but the building is beautiful and the atmosphere was super fun! The bartenders were so friendly and made our experience really relaxing and fun! Last stop of the night was McCrady's which has the most quaint and romantic location of all. It's tucked into a little alleyway with cobblestone streets. We ate until like 11:30p.m! ha  


I've saved one of the best restaurants for last! Zero George is a hotel but you can also just eat dinner there. I could live at this little place. It's beautiful and the food was so unique and delicious. This place had the best dessert out of anywhere that we went all week. It was a tres leches cake made with coconut milk and some kind of brittle. I don't even know what it was just so stinkin good! 



Sugar is just the best. It's the cutest little place with the best ginger molasses cookies you will ever lay your hands on. They have so many other things that look delicious too but I've never gotten anything else. ha Maybe next time....



The Daily is a super cool little place with coffee, juices, snacks, beer, wine...basically they have it all! I got this turmeric lemonade thing and it was so refreshing for a hot day! Right next door is Butcher and Bee which we were too full to go to but we heard great things! It's a lunch spot with supposedly great sandwiches. 


Kudu is a lively coffee shop right off of King Street with a patio that's great for chatting and getting sunburned. ha My skin hasn't seen sun in a while and I wore my first tank top and got a little scorched. It was well worth it though! 


Baked (its old name) has the best salted brownies! Just trust me on this one! They are the absolute best!


City Lights is a little coffee shop right off of King Street and is really small but is so cozy and cute. The owner is from South Africa and his accent alone will make you feel welcome. We sipped on our coffee and listened to the french music playing and everything was wonderful!


Gnome Cafe is a little vegan spot with yummy eats and good coffee/smoothies. I am a big meat eater but wanted to try this place and my mom and I were pleasantly surprised. We got the sausage biscuit that was made with hemp seeds and it was really delicious. We also got a smoothie that had dates and bananas in it which is always a winner in my book!


We went to Black Tap our last morning in Charleston and I got an iced lavender latte. UMMMM oh my gosh it was amazing! I wish I could have one right now! Who would think to put lavender in coffee? Well I don't know but whoever thought it up is a genius! 


This lovely place is right off of King Street and is great for a quick drink or snack..It's like a mini whole foods with a bakery, gourmet chocolates, make your own sandwiches, wine, beer, and a ready to eat area. I always have to visit this place any time I go to Charleston. The name of it alone is great!



My favorite thing about this fun bar is that on the menu they will let you just pick out two different words and tell your waiter...then they surprise you with a drink based on the words you picked. My words were spicy and sweet and boy did they nail it on the flavors! 

BIN 152

This quant place has been a favorite of mine since the first time I set my eyes on it. It's right on King street and is best enjoyed while raining! We always try to sit at one of the two window seats and sip on wine. It's just the best. 



This place is my heaven. You walk in and there are literally just a ton of candles everywhere. You can ask my husband, when it comes to candles I am very protective. ha. They also offer candle making classes!


Such a cute little spot with great ceramics, candles, and things for the home! The owners are the nicest and made us feel so welcome! 


This precious little shop is right by Sugar and we just noticed it while we were walking. It has super fun paper goods! 


This vintage shop has the coolest location. You aren't sure what it is from the road but if you walk down the little path you will find this little gem hidden in between two homes. There were so many things that I wanted to take home with me from this place. From the antique silverware, to the kilim pillows, this place is great!


We took a cooking class at this spot on our last day in Charleston and it was super fun to just sit back and relax with tea and wine and listen to the chef talk about Charlestons' food history. At the end we all got to eat some goodies and shop in the store! 



My mom and I stayed at this lovely little hotel in the perfect location! We walked everywhere and didn't even need to rent a car. If we ever needed to go anywhere we just ubered and it was never more than like $8. The hotel was super quaint and I would definitely stay there again. Zero George, where we ate dinner one night, is also a wonderful place to stay.