Amalfi Coast Part IV: Isle of Capri!

Can you believe that this place was only a 45 minute boat ride from our hotel and we almost convinced ourselves not to go? How crazy are we?!?! ha. Capri is such a fun place. We only went for the day but it consisted of riding with the perfect iconic Italian man in a convertable around town and shopping for perfumes and handmade leather sandals. We had the best granitas at this little place called Lollo's. It's like a frozen lemonade with orange juice..What's not to love about that combo? We had out driver drop us off in AnaCapri and we walked around for about an hour and a half. Then we took the taxi back down to the dock and our boat driver drove us around the island to the other side to go eat lunch at Fontelina. Again, Ive mentioned this before but it felt like we had stepped right into 1970. The views were stunning and the mozzarella was even better. I literally crave mozzarella on a regular basis now thanks to this place. All of this to say...if you have the chance to take a boat ride over to Capri, my friend you better do it.