Staff Retreat Co.

Hunter and I met Rocky about three years back when we were looking for wedding photographers to shoot our wedding. Him and his wife Sara own their own wedding photography business and we loved their style and so we decided they should shoot our wedding. Since then we have become friends with them and respect them so much. They are such great people and live their lives in a way that we hope too mimic one day. The way they love their community and live out the gospel is so inspiring to Hunter and I.

Anyways, We randomly ran into them in Tulum, Mexico back in June for our two year anniversary and they were there for their baby moon. We ended up hanging out with them for half of our vacation and Rocky began to tell us about this new company that he was starting called Staff Retreat Co. I had already been hearing a little bit about it but wasn't exactly sure what it was. Once Rocky explained to us what it was he did, Hunter and I were both so intrigue and ready to move forward with it!

Before I go any further I will go ahead and give you the deets in simple terms on what Staff Retreat Co is. Basically it starts off with a one on one retreat with Rocky where you spend 36 uninterrupted hours with him hashing through your business, who you are, who you are trying to be, and what you want to be. Rocky isn't afraid to ask the hard questions and get down to the nitty gritty of everything. It was some of the most helpful 36 hours for Hunter and I. Since then I have now quite my day job to pursue what I really enjoy and am passionate about and Hunter has learned where he wants his business to go! I CANNOT recommend this retreat enough. Not only do you get to do the retreat but afterwards he follows up with us on a monthly basis via Skype to see how things are going, if we have any questions, and to hold us accountable to things that we talked about at the retreat. I truly believe that Rocky has been given the gift to literally put into words how you are feeling and thinking but just don't know how to say it. You just have to trust me on this one. He REALLY knows what he's doing. Rocky genuinely cares about his clients and isn't in it just to tell you how to make a bunch of money which we really appreciated!

Below are pictures of the wonderful home that we got to stay in in Corsicana, Tx. We were so thankful that we got to stay here! 

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