Vert Beauty/ Denver


There is this adorable little beauty boutique in Denver in the Highlands that I just love. I literally will find any excuse to go in this place and just look around and try samples. Vert Beauty opened Dec 1, 2013 and were the first green beauty boutique in Colorado :) They only use natural and organic brands that all have a very specific purpose - to create the healthiest options that highlight your natural beauty. Each product is based on the purity of its contents, the quality of its performance, and the environmental sustainability of its manufacturer. 

Something that is unique to Vert Beauty is that they make their own makeup brushes. The brushes are a blend of synthetic and natural hair with beautiful wooden handles acquired from re-forested land. The bristles are cruelty free, and they are made in the US. 

They also have super fun events that are free to go too. My mom and I went to an event last week and got to get luxurious facials and try out one of their awesome lines. If you are over in the Highlands or just need to freshen up your make up, go check out this little gem. 

At the end of the post are my before and after pics :)