How to pack for 6 weeks in Europe

Hunter and I are headed to Europe for 6 weeks and I can hardly wait! The first two weeks we will be with his family and then the last three weeks we will be doing our own thing. We are going to encounter a ton of different climates and so I wanted to share with yall everything that I am bringing along. I will only have one checked bag, a personal item, and a camera bag. 

Up first is Iceland. We will be staying there for three nights on the front end and then for a week and a half on the back end of our trip. I am trying to be as simple as possible and not bring too many things that are bulky. We will be there at the beginning of May and then the beginning of June so it will be warming up but could potentially still be windy and cool. Hunter and I lived in Iceland for three months back in the winter and the weather was brutal!!! So I am just glad the weather will be warmer. :)

Black 66 North jacket, Brown Anthropologie long sleeve shirt (similar here), Joah Brown long sleeve shirt, Kilim boots, White fleece(similar here), Scarf (Similar here), Madewell jeans, Waffle weave sweater

Next up we will be spending a week and a half in the Florence/Tuscany/Cinque Terra/Amalfi Coast area and I cant wait to just sit back and sip on some lemoncello, eat homemade pasta, and people watch.

salmon sweater dress, Mohinders brown sandals, white strapless dress, pons cream sandals, blue jeans shorts(similar here), Beach tee, black tank, mom jeans

Barcelona will be our last stop with Hunters family and then we will be on our own. We will only be in Barcelona for two nights and then Hunter and I will head to Morocco...then be coming back to Spain. haha. We are all over the place with our plans thats for sure...but I'm so excited!

White dress(similar here), blush shirt(sold out but from this wonderful store), white jeans, grey heels, oatmeal tee, black dress

Morocco has a special place in Hunter and I's hearts. Hunter studied abroad there back in college and made friends there that we still keep in touch with today. I got to visit for the first time last year and am really excited to go back. We will mainly be in the Atlas mountains and Marrakesh which I've never been too. I cant wait to visit this place again and soak up the culture! 

White tank(similar here), Madewell V-necks, black and white dress(similar here), Imogene and Willie jeans,  flats, linen shorts

A girl can't have too many swimsuits and these are my top favorites this season. One pieces are so in in my book and so I've chosen two from some of my favorite companies and then had to be daring and get a white two piece for Italy! 

Grey one piece, white two piece, striped one piece.

These Madewell V-necks are my absolute favorite. Here in Denver I literally wear them everyday with different pants. They are so simple and classic and are available in so many colors. 

These are my absolute favorite pajamas in the whole world! They literally make you feel like you've been wrapped in a cloud. I love these babies. They are worth the investment, I will tell you that!

I may be being too hopeful here by taking these workout clothes :) but my hope is that I actually use them. haha. Hunter and I really have been trying to go to the gym 3-5 times a week over the past six months and I hope I still value it on vacation. ha We shall see! 

Grey shirt, workout pants, sports bra, nike tennies(similar here)

Here is my every day make up that I will be wearing. I try to keep it pretty simple and natural. I never wear eye shadow and just stick with the basics. I won't list out everything...just my favorites!

Beauty Counter three minute face...comes with foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, blush, and lip color. My favorite mascara right now is Jane Iredales. And to take it all off at night I use R.L linden's make up remover with no bad stuff in it. It literally has three ingredients in it. What's not to love about that?

I know this looks like a lot of stuff but since I am going to be gone for 6 weeks I've gotta at least take a good amount of stuff. I obviously won't write down everything but some of my favorites are my jewelry from Em Jewelry + design, watch from Halley Watch Co, shampoo and conditioner from Beauty Counter, face wash and moisturizer from Red Flower, tanning mouse from Envy U, Fleur D' Oranger perfume from Le Labo Fragrances, and argon oil, fez body serum,  Essaouira perfume oil from Kahina Living Beauty. 

I had a hard time trying to figure out what bags I was going to take with me. I know I am going to be carrying my camera around with me everywhere but I didn't want to have a huge bag on my right shoulder and then another bag on my left for my camera. Soooo the solution was this Lo and Sons brown leather bag. It's absolutely perfect. It is meant to be for your camera and there is even padding on the inside to protect your gear but there is also room for my phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, and phone. I love how it actually looks like a purse and not a huge camera bag, so no one ever has to know. I will be carrying that around with me the majority of the time and the other bag you see here...which, funny enough, is from the Denver airport, I will just have my laptop in and headphones for the plane rides. 

Vert Beauty/ Denver


There is this adorable little beauty boutique in Denver in the Highlands that I just love. I literally will find any excuse to go in this place and just look around and try samples. Vert Beauty opened Dec 1, 2013 and were the first green beauty boutique in Colorado :) They only use natural and organic brands that all have a very specific purpose - to create the healthiest options that highlight your natural beauty. Each product is based on the purity of its contents, the quality of its performance, and the environmental sustainability of its manufacturer. 

Something that is unique to Vert Beauty is that they make their own makeup brushes. The brushes are a blend of synthetic and natural hair with beautiful wooden handles acquired from re-forested land. The bristles are cruelty free, and they are made in the US. 

They also have super fun events that are free to go too. My mom and I went to an event last week and got to get luxurious facials and try out one of their awesome lines. If you are over in the Highlands or just need to freshen up your make up, go check out this little gem. 

At the end of the post are my before and after pics :)

My Fall Table!

In honor of the first day of Autumn I thought what better way to celebrate than with a lovely fall table! I can't even put into words how excited I am that Fall is finally here. Living in Colorado, I now get to experience all four seasons which is not what I am used to coming from Texas. I already went and bought my fall candles(lets be honest, I've already burned them half way through). :) There is just something about this time of year. The weather is perfect. The foods that go along with this season are perfect, and I get to bust out all of my favorite sweaters, scarves, and boots! Basically, all this to say I am pretty ecstatic that today marks the first day of this wonderful season!

Now to the table. All of the linens that you see are from Silk and Willow. I had the honor of working with Shellie and let me tell you that you need to go check out her stuff. Its absolutely stunning! I would take one of everything on her site if I could. She uses plant materials to dye all of her fabrics so each one is unique. The lovely pale blue plates are from Anthropologie, the silverware is from West Elm, and the place cards are by Written Word Calligraphy. 

Patron Secret Society

Hunter and I got the privilege of working with Patron on one of their events and it was birthday weekend so we thought what the heck. Lets just do it. We weren't given much information about it and so we didn't really know what to expect. On Saturday morning we woke up really early(5:30), I fell asleep in the car of course (For some reason if we drive in the car for longer than ten minutes I immediately fall asleep... I'm not the best to travel with unless you are willing to drive the majority of the time haha). We got to Aspen about three hours later and went to a random parking lot that we were told to go to. Once we got there, there was a girl who we went up to and gave " the secret code" too and she told us where to go next. 

We showed up at this venue where The Aspen Jazz festival was happening that weekend but nothing was completely set up yet and so we were thinking, umm what are we supposed to take pictures of? This is kind of lame. About fifteen minutes later we were told to go back out to where we had parked and some jeeps would be waiting there for us to take us to our next location. Once in the jeeps a guy drives us about ten minutes outside of Aspen and we have no clue where we are going. 

Then to our surprise, we show up at what you will see below. A beautiful home with the most breathtaking view! There were cocktails galore and some of the best food I've had in a while. It was such a fun experience! I don't think I have ever been in such a fancy home. Hunter and I were talking about how out of our league we felt but we were so thankful that we got to be a part of such a cool event. 

After the three course meal, the jeeps took us to another location where there was a local Denver band playing and more desert cocktails! I know right? Insane! Patron really knows how to do it right! 

Staff Retreat Co.

Hunter and I met Rocky about three years back when we were looking for wedding photographers to shoot our wedding. Him and his wife Sara own their own wedding photography business and we loved their style and so we decided they should shoot our wedding. Since then we have become friends with them and respect them so much. They are such great people and live their lives in a way that we hope too mimic one day. The way they love their community and live out the gospel is so inspiring to Hunter and I.

Anyways, We randomly ran into them in Tulum, Mexico back in June for our two year anniversary and they were there for their baby moon. We ended up hanging out with them for half of our vacation and Rocky began to tell us about this new company that he was starting called Staff Retreat Co. I had already been hearing a little bit about it but wasn't exactly sure what it was. Once Rocky explained to us what it was he did, Hunter and I were both so intrigue and ready to move forward with it!

Before I go any further I will go ahead and give you the deets in simple terms on what Staff Retreat Co is. Basically it starts off with a one on one retreat with Rocky where you spend 36 uninterrupted hours with him hashing through your business, who you are, who you are trying to be, and what you want to be. Rocky isn't afraid to ask the hard questions and get down to the nitty gritty of everything. It was some of the most helpful 36 hours for Hunter and I. Since then I have now quite my day job to pursue what I really enjoy and am passionate about and Hunter has learned where he wants his business to go! I CANNOT recommend this retreat enough. Not only do you get to do the retreat but afterwards he follows up with us on a monthly basis via Skype to see how things are going, if we have any questions, and to hold us accountable to things that we talked about at the retreat. I truly believe that Rocky has been given the gift to literally put into words how you are feeling and thinking but just don't know how to say it. You just have to trust me on this one. He REALLY knows what he's doing. Rocky genuinely cares about his clients and isn't in it just to tell you how to make a bunch of money which we really appreciated!

Below are pictures of the wonderful home that we got to stay in in Corsicana, Tx. We were so thankful that we got to stay here! 

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