Aspen Juice Bar/GIVEAWAY!

If you guys would have known me back in my college years, I was never one to work out or eat super healthy. My roommates would have laughed at you if you were to ask them if I ate good or was in to exercising. I was all about my Starbucks drinks and brownies all day long.(which don't get me wrong...I still LOVE my iced lattes and sweets...they just look a little different now). 

As I am sitting here now typing up this post I literally just took two charcoal pills and am eating avo toast with a fried egg and spinach, accompanied by a banana/date/cocoa smoothie. What happened to me? ha I never really had a breakthrough or know why I all the sudden switched from two desserts a day to smoothies,(it may of had something to do with Kayla Itsines new app) but I just realized that if I don't start doing things for my health and body now...then when will I ever start? I could talk on and on about working out and eating non GMO foods and the documentaries that Hunter and I watch about hormones and organic ingredients but I will stop here and talk about a company and product that I truly believe in and love!   

I partnered up with the wonderful people over at Aspen Juice Bar here in Denver to drink two juices a day for one full week...I am officially hooked on juice and I love it! They are so easy to just grab out of the fridge and go. If I didn't have time to make lunch one day I would just grab a juice and a protein bar and be set. 

With juicing being such a common thing now and seeing stores pop up everywhere you still need to be careful where you are getting your juices and how they are being processed. Juices at the store are tricky because they are still costing you an arm and a leg but they most likely are already up to 20 days old. yikes! :(

Here's some info on how Aspen Juice processes their juice to give you a better idea of the quality you are getting from them:

 They use a cold press juicer to slowly extract the juice by pressing rather than blending or spinning the ingredients. This preserves the produce's healthy qualities because the process does not introduce substantial heat or oxygen. Heat and oxygen create chemical reactions that cause proteins to denature and nutrients to deteriorate. Aspen Juice won't turn brown after an hour like juice from a health food restaurant or standard juice bar. I know that the juice I am getting from them is incredible quality and is going to be delicious!

Here's the fun part! GIVEAWAY!!!! 

win a $50 credit to Aspen Juice(must be in the Denver and surrounding areas to enter)

To Enter: Follow me ( and Aspen Juice ( on instagram and tag three friends on my feed. enter as many times as you like! Good luck!