Amalfi Coast Part III: Amalfi/Revello

On one of the days that we were staying on the coast we decided to rent mopeds(BEST DECISION EVER!)...I highly recommend renting mopeds, not only are they a blast but if you hire a taxi and get car sick easily, it will most likely happen on the Amalfi Coast because everything is so windy! We just zipped around from town to town and went to Amalfi first(just to clarify...the whole coastal area is called the Amalfi Coast but there is actually a town called Amalfi as well). We grabbed lunch in Amalfi at La Taverna di Masaniello (it seemed a bit touristy but the pizza was some of the best we had our whole trip) and had to stop for some gelato as well and then we headed up the hill to Ravello. Boy were there some hills but the views were so worth it. The town of Ravello was so quaint and quiet and not busy at all. We just walked around and shopped and then walked up to Villa Cimbrone, which is a hotel/wedding venue that you can go and just walk around the grounds and enjoy the stunning views. There is an entrance fee but it was well worth it!